7 Proven And Powerful Ways To Get Clients Using The Web

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So you’re wondering, “how can I get more clients with the web, now?

Ahh, the question that most smart business owners are asking themselves. Everyone wants more clients. But not everyone knows how to get them, especially using the web.

Using the power of the web you could get more clients than your business could handle.

(All without begging for referrals and going to useless networking parties)

Now, the interesting thing about this topic is that all businesses will have to embrace, sooner or later, this new way of getting clients.

This presents a massive opportunity for you to gain market share, especially from businesses that are slacking in this regard.

Long story short: Those who adapt will prosper, those who don’t will suffer.

Before I begin, let’s breakdown what you’ll learn today.

  • Common misconception – what’s holding you back
  • The first step in online marketing
  • Why you need to take advantage of online ads
  • The best way to bring clients and their money to you, for free
  • Social media: Is it right for you?
  • Position yourself
  • Best practice revealed: Clients to promote you
  • Secret sauce

Ok, great! Now that you know what you’ll learn – let’s get on with it.

Common misconception – what’s holding you back

The most devastating belief that a small business owner can have today is, “ I don’t need or want the web to bring me clients 

Sound ridiculous? Trust me I know it’s silly, but I hear all the time.

These owners don’t understand the sheer volume of the web, the mammoth amount of prospects that they could capture.

Here’s the truth:

With the web you can get more clients than you can imagine, more than you can ever handle. So take this seriously, it could change your life.

Why you need to take it advantage of online ads. 

You’ve probably bought many things from online ads, whether you want to believe you have or not.

With online ads you can place your product or service in front of people looking for exactly what you’re selling-that’s the beauty of it. 

You can find people with particular pain points, problems, desires, ages, groups… the list is endless.

If you haven’t advertised your business online, I cannot stress it enough – learn more about it, see what you can achieve.

Here’s a good article to read about starting off with online advertisement. 

The best way to bring clients and their money to you, for free. 

You can pay for clients to come to your site and buy – or you can bring them, or better said attract them, over for free. 

Yes, free!

So how do you bring clients to your site for free?

The answer is pretty straightforward.

Do you want to use the search algorithm that Google has, to work for you? 

What are you have to do is to create content, that is actually useful, for the audience you want to reach. 

Firms charge thousands for what I’m explaining to you. 

  • Find your audience, get in their head
  • Determine what they think is valuable and useful
  • Make sure to optimize your post by using words they search, called “Keywords” 

Here’s a good tool for that called Ubersuggest

  • Finally, produce valuable content (the content must be valuable, not just a sales pitch)

The first step in online marketing.

This is pretty obvious, but it must be said. 

The first step to online marketing is…*Drumroll please*… a stunning website!

Underwhelmed? Not surprised?

It’s quite self-explanatory, but if you don’t have a website you

  • Have no place for clients to land from ads
  • Can’t convince clients of anything
  • Don’t have a place to show off your products and services
  • Are basically invisible – a ghost 

By the way, this applies to ugly website as well. 

And here’s why.

You need to compare your site, if you even have one, to the top players in your industry – this is who your clients are comparing you to.

Social media: is it right for you?

Social media can provide massive value, but only if you use it right

The main point of this section is regarding organic social media – this means no paying for ads

The main thing is that your post have to provide some value

If they’re just sales pitches, then leave that for ads. But nobody’s gonna follow a page where someone is just pitching them. 

Don’t worry, adding value can be done in many ways. 

There’s so many, I’ll name a few. You can:

  • Post entertaining before and after pictures
  • Make informative videos of your process
  • Put out messages to engage with your audience

What I really want you to understand is get in the client’s shoes. 

Post something that gives them a reason to keep following you, and promote yourself in the process. 

Position yourself

This is fairly simple, but many businesses run only off of this.

Please make sure your positioning yourself and website or clients look for your services.

If you remodel houses make sure you’re on yelp or home advisor. Also make sure you’re on Google business

Most of you got this covered

The secret sauce. 

This one thing will get you more clients long-term than anything else you could possibly do.

And it requires no online or web experience

Here it is: once you get a client make sure you provide immense, incredible value. 

Make it your mission that the client is thrilled and that they absolutely love you.

This is where the fun begins- they’ll spread the word.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because it’s super powerful and because the word WILL spread online. 

You have to make sure that good comments, not bad comments, are spreading.

This will boost you, or trash you

Bonus tip revealed!

Here’s a bonus tip that will really multiply your efforts

Research and really, really know your target audience. And I mean really know them

  • What are their fears? Desires?
  • What do they value?
  • What can you provide to make sure they absolutely love you?
  • Where do they hang out online, where can you find them?

Guys, it’s a super simple tip. But it’s the foundation of all marketing.

Make sure your empathizing with your audience


I hope this article gave you a clear picture of how you can get clients for your business using the web.

If harnessed, the power of the web can change your business. And ultimately, your life.

Will you miss out? Or will you get book to the brim?


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