A Basic Guide to Website Traffic

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So, you have a website, you set it up, you put all you information on it. And nothing, barely any traffic, barely any new leads?

You throw your hands up in frustration, “what was the point?!”

This is a common problem, and very solvable. It’s all in your hands, in your control.

This article will help you gain a basic understanding to web traffic and, most importantly, give you a mental concept of web traffic that you can use to decide how to boost your traffic.

Before diving in, here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn by reading this article

  • Organic Vs. Paid Traffic
  • The Sugar Cube: Getting leads for free, forever
  • Ads Everywhere: The basics of paid ads
  • Little but good, Lots but junk

Organic vs Paid Traffic

So let’s break down web traffic into two types: organic and paid.

Paid web traffic refers to traffic that you directly pay for, traffic for which you make an ad and actually pay per visit to your site.

Organic traffic refers to traffic that visits your site, without payment. To access useful information, something entertaining, or to see what you got. Below is a pro and con comparison of both paid and organic traffic.

Paid Traffic


  • Hyper Targeted
  • Scale on demand
  • Absolute control of the ads


  • Stops working when you stop paying
  • Can be difficult to learn at

Here’s a great article on paid ads.

Organic Traffic


  • Is free to post
  • Brings in clients that are looking for what you’re producing
  • Evergreen – last long beyond when you product it


  • Takes longer to bring in leads
  • Less hyper targeted than online ads
  • Cannot scale on demand

The Sugar Cube: Getting leads for free, forever

So with organic ads you can bring leads to your site for free.

But you must provide something in return.

You must provide a reason for the to visit.

It must be valuable to the people visiting and targeted towards your audience – those are really the only rules.

You can post informative blogs and articles about your industry. Entertaining videos or articles. You can provide free eBooks. You can do anything that you can think of that fits this description.

We like to think of it like a sugar cube. You give the prospect a sugar cube, something they value.

And in return they give you their attention and consider your services while they’re at it.

The content you make will take longer to bring in clients than paid ads, but it will keep paying dividends long into the future. Long after you’re done producing the content it will bring in leads.

The best part is that it’s free to do, it’ll only cost you time.

Here are the pros and cons of each type

Ads Everywhere: The basics of paid ads

Paid ads are becoming more and more popular because of how effective and convenient they can be.

With paid ads you can experiment and find an ad that works for you particularly well. From there just turn up the dial as you wish, the ads can scale on demand.

With paid ads you can hyper target audiences to find the best fit for your company, this is especially true for Facebook Ads.

The most popular place to advertise are Google, YouTube, Facebook, And Linked In.

To get started you need a landing page to take the visitors to and an account for advertising on the platform.

Note that once you turn off the ads, you shouldn’t expect more business from them the way you would from organic marketing.

 Little but good, many but junk

Here’s a super important thing you have you know.

Either route paid or organic, you must think of who you are targeting

  • What’s my ideal customer?
  • What problems do they have?
  • What goals do they have?

This will narrow the target that you choose, it will make all your marketing materials more effective. It will reach and attract fewer, but higher quality leads.

The ideal scene would be to get a workable number of visits that you can cater that are of high quality.


Bringing in a ton of lads by casting a wide net, getting a lot of leads, and having a super low percentage convert.

One will help your business, the other one will burn you out.


I hope you learned why branding is so effective and the two types, along with what they each mean.


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