Hidden Costs: The Cost of Not Upgrading

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The Cost of Not Upgrading Your Website
Is that a typo? Did we mean the cost of upgrading your website? No, we’re going to talk about the cost
of NOT upgrading your website, of NOT putting your absolute best foot forward. The truth is that, yes,
there is a cost of upgrading your website. But there’s also a major cost of having a web presence that
doesn’t convince clients that you’re the best choice for them, or even the only choice for them. Every
client that doesn’t see excellence, cost you potential sale or a potential relationship. What you need to
do is compare your site to those at the top of the industry, those businesses know that the investment
into bettering their perception will pay dividends. Call us or take a look at our Top Picks – websites that
we rated as the best in the industry – to get an idea of what your website could look like.
If you still aren’t convinced about the value of your web presence, you can read our article on the
importance of web presence after COVID-19.

Is Upgrading a Choice?
It is said that the foundation of a business is always crumbling beneath it, to survive it requires the
constant betterment of it. This includes everything from your product to management. It’s not different
for your website. The market sorts by those who improve the most and rewards them accordingly.
Those that refuse to improve, that swim against the current of this fundamental eventually drown or
adapt. That being said, upgrading your website before you are obsolete in the market’s view is both a
choice and a necessity, it is something that will put your business ahead of the curve.

Making Sense of the Numbers
So, we saw that constant improvement is a necessity for any business and that one should not make
sense of giving clients a subpar perception. But how does one make sense of plunging forward and
upgrading their site? Upgrading your website will help you give the impression that clients are looking
for, help you stand out from the crowd, give your clients more confidence in your business, and much

Take the Leap
We understand that updating a site can feel like a big decision and a considerable investment. But
choose to upgrade and refresh your site not because the market is forcing you, but to be cutting edge,
to put your business apart, and to experience excellence. Be the business that clients instantly know
they want to work with. If you’re planning in being in business for the long run, sooner or later you’ll be
faced with this decision. Let’s cut time out of the equation and put your business on the road to
excellence. Give our office a call at 888 866 7979.


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