The One Thing Killing Your Site

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There’s one thing, that if you haven’t addressed, is completely killing your website.

Now, the thing we’re talking about today isn’t bad looks or funny feelings your website gives of.

Those are important things to address and you should not lose sight of them.

Here it is, the most common flaw we see is poor mobile responsiveness. Meaning your website looks bad from mobile devices. ABSOLUTE WEBSITE KILLER!

In this article we’ll discuss

  • Is it really that important?
  • The mobile advantage
  • How it works

Is it really that important?

The truth is that an overwhelming amount of web traffic originates from mobile devices.

If your site isn’t optimized to be viewed from specifically these devices; therefore, you aren’t catering to a huge percentage of visitors. As a result, you need mobile responsiveness ASAP.

If you don’t fix it you’re wasting money and effort, plain and simple.

Here are the facts

  • To start, a whopping 50% of web traffic Is from mobile
  • Mostly, traffic coming mobile devices has increased 222% in the last seven years alone
  • Lastly, navigating from mobile device is becoming preferred choice because of convenience.

Before long, the majority of the web traffic will be coming from mobile phones. Adapt and be prepared for the change we’re already witnessing.

The mobile advantage

The advantage that mobile navigation poses to browsers is the convenience of not having to lug a big computer everywhere.

Consequently you ask, “But what’s the advantage to me?”

  • More customer interaction: With a simple button on your site, it can prompt their phone to call or text you. Thus, reducing the friction in taking action.
  • Get found easier and faster: You can provide an address that, with a single click, prompts their navigation app and shows them step by step directions to you.
  • More views: People used to have to wait to go home and browse the web. Now they can open links from your sales team anywhere and anytime. As a result, pages can be viewed more often by more people.
  • Makes your brand look better.

How it works

Long story short, you or your web designer has to make a second layout for mobile viewing.

You have to view I as it you were on mobile and rearrange, change, delete and resize elements to make it look good and easy to view.

Many times, designers liken this to creating a whole second site because of how tedious it can be, but it’s well worth the effort.

To clarify, the browser will display whichever design, mobile or desktop, depending on the device being used to view it.

Ps. The same concept applies to tablet view, but tablet is the least popular of the three.


I hope you learned what mobile responsiveness is and its importance. Also, I hope you have a basic understanding of how it works.

The lack of mobile responsiveness is killing the chances of success for so many.

Are you going to adapt to the way people browse the web, or will you wait until it’s too late?


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